Get your estimation

How it works

To get a useful Data-Driven Estimate you need to have historical task data for a stable team. A "stable team" means there has been no significant change to the team or how they work.

Your data must be in CSV format and contain two columns "Started" and "Done" and a minimum of 15 tasks. Here is a sample file.

Next select the number of future tasks/stories and click "Estimate". You'll see a range of risky and safe delivery dates for your project.

For a full explanation of how it works, click here.
Upload a CSV file with historical data.
Format: Started, Done. See example file.
How many stories do you need an estimate for?


What does this mean?

Confidence shows how confident we are that your team will finish before that number of workdays. Confidence is not the actual probability of an outcome, please use these estimates as a guide, not a guarantee.